With approximately 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S., a knowledgeable college consultant can help students navigate the overwhelming amount of information and narrow down options.

Benefits of a College Consultant:

  • Find an Optimal College Fit for a Student including Financial Considerations
  • Be a Personal Advocate that Helps with Self-discovery through a Complex Process
  • Manage Timelines, Deadlines and Organization
  • Develop College Selection Plan Tailored to Student’s Specific Needs
  • Understand Family Dynamic and Personal Student Needs
  • Comprehensively Educate and Give Clarity to Families
  • Student and Family Empowerment
  • Reduce Tension between Student and Guardians/Parents
  • Act as a Supplement to School/Guidance Counselors
  • Individualized Attention Beyond a School Counselor
  • Reduce Stress and Pressure
  • Gain a Fresh Perspective
  • Assist with Navigating Financial Aid and Financial Opportunities
  • Available on Weekends
  • Decipher and Organize Vast Amounts of Often Confusing Subject Matter for Students and Parents/Guardians
  • Reduce Media Noise and Minimize Myths
  • Subject Matter Expertise (Certificates – NACAC, IECA, UC Irvine) with Up-to-Date Industry Information
  • Professional Affiliations, Connections and Resources in the Industry

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